Your story is your own and your path is totally different to mine or anyone elses. I’m not here to tell you to do what I’ve done. I simply help you find the confidence and power to create your perfect narrative yourself

Working With Me

Your Coaching Journey With ME

Do you ever think I have no idea what to do or where to start”, then you do nothing because you are stuck trying to figure this part out?  Stop… you are focusing on the completely wrong thing.  There is only one place to start and that is with your reason why and your mindset.  This has saved me every single time.  When I’m ready to give up, when my confidence is at rock bottom, when things aren’t going well, I always come back to my reasons why (what I am doing this for and what I want for my life and those around me) and it triggers my mindset to power me forward.  Without a strong enough reason why, you leave yourself open to fears, doubts and negative thoughts.

I approach your business set up in a completely new way, putting in place things that people often overlook but are vital to have clear before anything else happens.  My process helps you build a sustainable, robust business (in a sensible, realistic way) that also creates a balanced and fulfilled life based on what is most important to you.  But for this to work, you have to let go of any pre-conceived ideas or attachments you have and allow yourself to trust the process (as many women before you have).  Once you do that, you will see the amazing transformations take place!

Coaching Explained

what is coaching?

I can sum up coaching in one word PHENOMENAL!  I know this because I have a coach and experience my own transformations.  I also witness the women I work with getting extraordinary results every day!

Coaching empowers you to make massive life changes by achieving specific goals.  This is your journey and your desired outcome.  It’s not about me telling you what to do from my perspective.  I simply facilitate movement, getting you from where you are currently stuck to where you want to be by clearing the way mentally for you.  You will be supported, challenged, encouraged, motivated, pushed out of your comfort zone and made accountable.  

Think how amazing you will feel when you transform your life – when you realise your full potential, eliminate all the things holding you back and make those life changes you are dreaming of right now.

Coaching with me will be fun, energetic and often challenging. I keep it real at all times, and am fully invested in your success. Together, we will get results and you will see massive life changes!

My Holistic Approach

Let me start by dissolving a few myths – having your own business and achieving life balance does not have to be that hard.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s easy, but there are ways to make the process much simpler.  You don’t have to work all hours of the day to succeed.  You don’t have to sacrifice other important things to you to achieve your dream life.  You definitely don’t have to trade your time for money, burning yourself out and you should never be earning less than you want or deserve.  You can be your own boss and create more money, time, freedom and balance in your life.  

This process is about transforming your entire life, for the better, not replacing your job for something even harder.  

Making money should never be the driver for starting a business.

Money is the by-product of a successful business. Focus on the life you want and what will make you happy, then structure your business so you can have it.

You don’t have to give up your life to succeed.
Working non-stop is not the answer.  If anything it’s the opposite!

Am I Right For You?

The right coach/client mix is so important.  The real magic happens when the two connect, click and conquer!  

So, am I right for you?  If you’re looking for coaching full of positive affirmations, visualisations  or manifestations, probably not!  These are all powerful tools that I may use, BUT they are surface and I don’t stay on the surface for long!  They won’t work alone and to create lasting transformations we have to deep dive.  My approach is honest, straight talking and I never sugar coat it – this is about you getting life changing results!  

Are you ready to make BIG changes and transform your life?  Are you prepared to step outside your comfort zone and re-programme your thinking?  Are you ready to go on a fun journey that gets long term life changing results?  Then, I think I will be perfect for you!  If my approach and my story resonates with you, I can’t wait to hear from you and start our journey together.