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from my clients:

Fiona is an amazing coach that pushes you to think outside the box and get uncomfortable.  Having gone through Fiona’s programme, I am finally embarking on setting up a business, that will eventually take me out of my 9-5 job.  I highly recommend Fiona for anyone who wants to push beyond what they thought were their limits in order to reach greater levels.


I can highly recommend Fiona’s programme as she shows a fresh approach to finding a business idea that would fit around your life style goals.  Fiona is drilling down into one’s values and is showing why it is important to build your business around your dream life. She also shows how in the pandemic we need to be adaptable and have multiple streams of income. She is tough when people have excuses or limiting beliefs.  She doesn’t promise you it will be easy or quick – but shows that however long this process might be, if structured correctly – it will be highly rewarding.


I found this mastermind programme very inspirational and I’ve now looked at my life from a different angle with endless possibilities. Before I was quite rigid in my approach to starting a business and what I could do as a business idea. This course has helped to open my eyes to what could be and what can be. Fiona was very professional, approachable and willing to answer any questions. The fact she gave examples of her own business journey made it all the more real and possible.


My coaching sessions with Fiona really helped me take the 1st step on my path to becoming a stylist.  I felt that the questions she asked allowed me to really sum things up myself.  She didn’t tell me what to do, or how she thought I should go about it.  I loved the way she put the onus back on me, to consider why I wanted to become a stylist and how I wanted my ideal life to be.  Once I finally figured this out I was on my way and started making the necessary moves needed to map out my business.  Thanks so much Fiona for believing in me!


Fiona’s drive and enthusiasm for life was apparent from week 1 of the course. The fact that she was willing and able to hold the space for us and inspire us as women to want to achieve our goals is truly amazing. Being with a group of like minded women and being coached by a woman who has already achieved so much… who wouldn’t want to start their own business! The content of this course really makes you look at yourself and shows you that as a woman you really can have that dream life. You can be happy, content and run your own business. Thanks Fiona this course really does get you Fired Up.


I am so grateful to have been a part of this and meet so many other ladies who are at the start of their journeys too. Knowing that I was not the only one feeling how I did about starting a business made it very comforting. 

You are a wonderful coach, understanding, caring and also straight to the point. The guidance you have delivered in these courses, the workbooks and your personal experiences have helped me overcome my own excuses and I have started calling myself out. Thank you Fiona 


Coaching sessions with Fiona helped me plan my daily tasks, being able to utilize my time effectively.  We worked on self-limiting beliefs, things that have held me back in the past, understanding the power of words and how to use more positive language about myself.  She also taught me how to work smarter and not necessarily harder, and about not letting myself get to a point of burn out. 


Working with Fiona in a 1-2-1 setting has been imperative to my business start-up.  Taking the time to focus on my own values and find out what it is I really care about and stand for has helped me form a sense of individualism.  From this place my business can develop and grow in a lane of its own and really flourish.


Fiona’s course programme great value and outcomes as it will help you get clear on your ‘why’ and your values to gain clarity, focus and expand your thinking in building an aligned business.  It will inspire anyone to continue with their business idea with clarity and understanding and ‘why’ they are doing what they are doing as the message is clear… Know your ‘why.’ 


I would recommend Fiona, whether you are looking to start your own business or even find your place in your current role.  This programme and the way Fiona presents it will have you thinking more, opening up to new ideas and believing in yourself.  Thank you Fiona, for your drive and commitment, helping others to learn through this process and the things that you have learnt along your journey and for your constant support and uplifting.


I started my coaching journey with Fiona with some apprehension. Would we get on, would I be able to open up. Would I be understood. As a mature person with dyslexia and dyspraxia I don’t often think or see things in the same way as mainstream people. I should not have worried! By the second session I knew something had changed for me. Fiona helps me to reframe things, she remembers every single thought, and every word.


Before starting with Fiona, I believed being a business owner was all or nothing.  If your business could not immediately sustain you in the same way your salary can, there was no point trying.  Through the course, I learnt that this belief was my biggest barrier, what had been stopping me for years.  

I now understand that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing – earnings from your business and your salary can be blended.  As your business grows and earnings increase, the need for a salary decreases.  Understanding this was a revelation.


The course is very hands on and practical and offers a tailored approach to business.  It made me consider areas I didn’t think were as important  but are the basics of any business venture.


Fiona was extremely professional in her approach.  She listened well to the needs and concerns of her attendees and helped us to find our own solutions and overcome barriers that had been holding some of us back for years.  I learnt so much and have completely changed my way of thinking.  It was a really great programme to have done, for where I am right now with my business as I can include lots of the gems Fiona gave to us.  Thank you Fiona, I know I can 100% achieve my life balance and business goals now!



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