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I’m Unemployable & Proud!

I’ve always looked at things differently.  Early into my working life I started questioning employment. I couldn’t understand why I should make money for someone else and be dictated my working hours.  Be told how much I can earn and my career path be decided by someone else.  It made no sense.  I always wanted to be my own boss.

It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all – in which case, you fail by default

- JK Rowling

My Life

before i made the LEAP!

My short career was in PR and like most corporate jobs it came with long hours, high demands and pressure.   

It started affecting me and I became unhappy, tired and resentful.  My life had become so much about work and so little about my life.  Why was I working to build someone else’s dream at the expense of my own?   I was always on the go and couldn’t seem to find the off button long enough to stop and breath.  It was like I was constantly plugged into work, even when I wasn’t at work physically I was there mentally.  Thinking about what I had to do the next day, worrying about emails and my to do list piling up.  Bitching about office politics, my pay, my workload or how annoying my boss was.  Can you relate?

Something snapped.  This could not be the life I settled for.  I wanted to be able to give my daughter more and I knew I deserved more.  So I made a big decision, I was done with employment for good!  I was in my late 20’s, a single Mum to my young daughter, with no money, no back up plan and no real idea what I was going to do.  Whaaaaaaat now!!! 


To say I have stumbled my way through my entrepreneurial journey is an understatement.  I had no idea what I was doing and at many points still get caught out!  Some things go well, others not so, but I have learnt there is always a way and with tenacity it will always work out.

And it did work out, I was my own boss and making money.  This should be the end of the story right, but a big transformation was ahead.  I was working ridiculously long hours, putting myself under a lot of  pressure, stressed, tired and emotionally drained.  It all got too much and I had one almighty crash and burn – a complete meltdown.  I was beat.  

It took some time to process, but it finally hit me, although I was my own boss and I was achieving and earning well I still had no life.  I was no better off than the life I described above when I was employed.  I had simply replaced my job for a business I now worked even harder in.  I had sacked my boss and now my business had become the boss of me, my time and my life.


I had to totally change the way I thought

I had completely lost sight of why I had wanted to be my own boss in the first place and the life I was trying to create for my daughter and I.  My dream life was getting further away, rather than closer.  I needed to change my mindset and think how I could create more time, freedom and balance.  As soon as I changed my way of thinking and how I approached things, my life transformed.

Now, not only do I work for myself, but everything I do is aligned to support my dream life(style) as well as make me money.  Some days I am a non-stop working machine, others I wake up late and give myself the day off to re-charge or do things I enjoy.  I stopped working a 5 day week and it was a game changer (I honestly don’t know how people do it!)  I am able to fulfill my passion for travel and go away on big adventures, without worrying about making money.  And not to mention the everyday perks of flexibility – shopping when the supermarket is empty, getting a last minute hair and beauty appointment and avoiding rush hour commutes!

The work life balance, freedom and flexibility I have is amazing.  Which is why I am so passionate about helping other women achieve the same.

There are so many ways to live your life and even more new ways of working and structuring your business, but it all starts with your mind and releasing the old way of thinking which is what has kept you stuck for so long.  



We are told to work hard now so we can enjoy a better life later.

Why not create that better life NOW. Why wait until you are too old, tired, sick or even dead.

You can live your dream life NOW!

Are you ready to transform your life?

Are you struggling to know how to start on your entrepreneurial journey and what to do?  Perhaps you find yourself starting and stopping but getting nowhere.  Maybe you are lacking confidence and don’t feel you can do it.  You may have (loads of) ideas or no ideas at all and are waiting for that lightbulb moment when it all makes sense.  Where-ever you are, is all about to change!

At the end of this life transforming 12 week programme you will have created and structured your business and be ready to make your first sales – that’s right, your business will be established.  You will work through a proven process building clarity, confidence as well as structuring a scalable business that can make you money as well as giving more balance in your life.  I guarantee, after week 1 you will think differently.  If not, I will happily give you your money back!

Starting Monday 10th January for 12 weeks.

Stuck to Started:


If I Can Do It,

You Can TOO!

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I work with women just like you, that simply want more.

Right now, you may earn well, but feel unfulfilled by the way you make your money.  Maybe your children have left home and it’s your time to fulfil your dreams and passions put on hold to raise your family.  Maybe (like me) you want to travel or live abroad, a digital nomad lifestyle could be calling you.  It could be that you work crazy hours, and are tired of feeling trapped by the rat race. Wishing you had more time to spend with your family, a better work life balance or simply doing more of the things that light you up, but you never seem to find the time to do.  

Whatever your reason, you are here and ready for change.  I have been where you are and lived the journey you are about to take, so I am totally relatable.  As a single mum it was hard, but I honestly think staying as I was would have been harder.  Take a chance, you will be so grateful you did!  I promise you can achieve freedom and balance (that works for you) along with financial security and I am here to help you.  If I can do it, you certainly can too!  

My experiences, good and bad, are blessings, allowing me to help you create a business aligned to your dream life and what is important to you.  I cannot wait to work with you and be a part of your life transformation!

I am so grateful to have been a part of this course and met so many other ladies who are at the start of their journeys too. Knowing that I was not the only one feeling how I did about starting a business made it very comforting.

- Kat (Course Delegate)

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