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Are you ready to release attachments to what you have been told is right or how you should do things or the only way?  Are you prepared to give up how you are used to doing things (I mean, how’s that working out for you?) and open yourself up to a different way of thinking, working and living?

My approach challenges the so-called norm and may feel like I’m doing things back to front and upside down!  I turn things on their head, including your thoughts, perceptions and beliefs and it’s mind blowing and transformational!  My approach may seem strange to you, but it works!  Right now you are STUCK living in a way you don’t want to and in order to get UNSTUCK big changes have to take place.  

My super power is getting you to a place where working for yourself  becomes NON NEGOTIABLE.  Employment is no longer an option!

I don’t want you to simply start a business.  It’s not about replacing your job for a business you work all hours in!  It’s about creating a business that supports your dream life(style), not contradicts it, AND generates the income you want as well


Trust in the process and you will create your own income generator that fully supports your dream life.  I promise you can live a fulfilled and balanced life that makes you truly happy whilst making money.  Want to know more about how we will make this happen together, let’s jump on a call.

Are you ready to transform your life?

Are you struggling to know how to start or what to do?  Perhaps you find yourself starting and stopping but getting nowhere.  Maybe you are lacking confidence and don’t feel you can do it alone.  You may have (loads of) ideas or no ideas at all and are waiting for that lightbulb moment when it all makes sense.  Where-ever you are, it’s all about to change!

At the end of this life transforming 12 week programme you will have created and structured your business and be ready to make your first sales – that’s right, your business will be established.  You will work through a proven process building clarity, confidence as well as structuring a scalable business that can make you money as well as giving more balance in your life.  I guarantee, after week 1 you will think differently.  If not, I will happily give you your money back!

Starting Monday 10th January for 12 weeks.

Stuck to Started:


“Don’t create a business hoping it will give you the life you want. Design the ideal life you want and then from the outset create and align your business to support not contradict that lifestyle”

Hear what others have to say...

“Working with Fiona on a 1-2-1 setting has been imperative to my business start-up.  Taking the time to focus on my own values and find out what it is I really care about and stand for has helped me form a sense of individualism.  From this place my business can develop and grow in a lane of its own and really flourish.” 


“My coaching sessions with Fiona really helped me take the 1st step on my path to becoming a stylist.  I felt that the questions she asked allowed me to really sum things up myself.  She didn’t tell me what to do, or how she thought I should go about it.  I loved the way she put the onus back on me, to consider why I wanted to become a stylist and how I wanted my ideal life to be.  Once I finally figured this out I was on my way and started making the necessary moves needed to map out my business.  Thanks so much Fiona for believing in me!”


“I started my coaching journey with some apprehension. Would we get on, would I be able to open up. Would I be understood. As a mature person with dyslexia and dyspraxia I don’t often think or see things in the same way as mainstream people. I should not have worried! By the second session I knew something had changed for me. Fiona helps me to reframe things, she remembers every single thought, and every word.”


“Coaching sessions with Fiona helped me plan my daily tasks, being able to utilize my time effectively.  We worked on self-limiting beliefs, things that have held me back in the past, understanding the power of words and how to use more positive language about myself.  She also taught me how to work smarter and not necessarily harder, and not letting myself get to a point of burn out.”


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